Thursday, May 7, 2009

Recent sketches.....

This happy looking fellow is my brother.

And below, we have a memory sketch inspired by some dude eating his Chili at Wendy's. He was hunkered over the container, and his eyes kept darting back and forth as if he was on some covert operation. Apologies for the wonked out perspective.

...and a page of Costco sketches.


gunt said...

Very nice sketches !
Great expression in the sketch of your brother ! (and your inking is, as usual, so good !)

tinylittlesandra said...

great drawings... I like the large guy down here to the lower right... nice design, maybe take him a little further?

Joey Lee said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Tiny: the large guy was actually a 12 year old obese kid. He was squinting his eyes, and pleading with his dad to pick a spot that had shade. I agree, i can definitely take it further. Thanks for stopping by my blog!